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Cover photo for COVID-19 Farming and Viticulture Resources

COVID-19 Farming and Viticulture Resources

Page Content (Last update 11/25/2020) Introduction General COVID-19 Knowledge How Can I Help My Community? Food Safety Staff Management and Labor Supply Chain Financial Help Alternative Sales Statewide N.C. …

Daily COVID-19 Viticulture Update 3/30/2020

Daily COVID-19 Viticulture Update 3/30/2020 Important: Farm Bureau and Wine America explain the CARES act Facebook offers small business grants as COVID …

COVID-19 Daily Viticulture Updates 3/26/2020

NC State Extension Covid-19 Resources NC State Horticulture COVID-19 Farming Resources NC State Extension COVID-19 Portal NC State Covid-19 Food Safety Resources NCDA …

New Muscadine Production Guide

OUT NEW: THE MUSCADINE PRODUCTION GUIDE FOR THE SOUTHEAST Please use the link below. Released February 11, 2020. NEW Muscadine Grape …

Recent Publications related to Specialty Crops

Anthracnose and septoria leaf spots

Leaf Diseases of Blueberry

This factsheet discusses symptoms and control of several leaf diseases common in North Carolina blueberry …

Basic hive equipment.

How to Become a Beekeeper in North Carolina

Beekeeping is a very enjoyable and rewarding pastime that is relatively inexpensive to get started. …

M. enterolobii in sweetpotato

Sweetpotato Root Knot Nematode

This factsheet discusses the identification and management of root knot nematode of sweetpotato.

Ginseng Production Guide for North Carolina

This publication discusses the best techniques for growing quality ginseng. It includes descriptions and stages …

photo of gray mold on hemp leaves

Gray Mold of Industrial Hemp

Gray mold of industrial hemp is common to most regions that produce this crop. It …

Interveinal chlorosis in peach from atrazine spray drift.

Photosystem II – Triazine Herbicides

This factsheet describes the symptoms of a photosystem II (PS II) inhibitor herbicide injury.

S-metolachlor EC contact injury to young rose foliage.

Shoot Inhibitors

This factsheet describes the symptoms of a shoot inhibitor herbicide injury.

Casoron overdose injury symptoms on apple.

Cellulose Inhibitor, Dichlobenil

This factsheet describes the symptoms of a dichlobenil herbicide injury.