COVID-19 Viticulture Update 5/22/2020

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COVID-19 Viticulture Update 5/22/2020

Wineries can Re-open in North Carolina:

Based on new guidance (EO141 Guidance on Bars) issued today on Executive Order 141, wineries can open! Also attached is the updated FAQ’s for Phase 2 (Updated Phase 2 FAQs). Please read through these documents thoroughly before opening your doors to the public to ensure this is applicable to you and that you are in compliance with all required safety measures and max gathering/social distancing rules.

In your continued efforts to keep yourselves, your staff, and your customers safe, please read through the Wine Institute: Tasting Room Reopening Protocols. This document offers excellent guidance on your safe reopening.

 If you would like to see even more guidance, these other organizations also have offered advice:


Phase 2 Reopening in NC:

  • Section 6C of the Executive Order 141 moving NC to Phase 2 of reopening states that “restaurants may allow on-premises consumption of food and beverages. Restaurants must meet the sanitation requirements of this Section even if they are open only for take-out for delivery service.”
  • Section 8B of the Executive Order 141 moving NC to Phase 2 of reopening “directs that bars are not to serve alcoholic beverages for onsite consumption.”
  • See the full Executive Order to understand how your restaurant or tasting room is affected under COVID-19

Financial Resources:

Daily COVID-19 Update as of 5/22/2020:

  • North Carolina (3:20 p.m. EST): 21,618 confirmed positive/ 834 deaths
  • USA: (5:32 p.m. EST): 1,598,631 positive/ 95,847 deaths
  • World (5:32 p.m. EST): 5,180,982 positive/ 336,432 deaths


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