Tropical Storm Isaias

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Tropical Storm Isaias

Dear all,

Tropical Storm Isaias is approaching the East Coast with winds and rain this evening and tomorrow morning. For shelters and information on emergency plans, please use this document from the Department of Public Safety

Wind surges and tornadoes might affect your vineyard rows, and wide-spread flooding might occur in the Southeastern plains. Please view a briefing on storm Isaias from this morning.

Landfall As either a tropical storm or hurricane between Myrtle Beach, SC and Brunswick County, NC.
Path in NC

The eye will track inland just to the East of I-95.


Forward Motion in NC 24 MPH to the North Northeast
Wind strength

65-75 MPH sustained coast

10-25 MPH inland

Wind Gusts

80 MPH + at the coast

40 MPH inland

Rain Fall Totals 2-6 inches
Tornados High possibility

Tropical Storm Force winds entering NC 8-10 p.m. Monday.

Tropical Storm force winds leaving 8-10 p.m. Tuesday.

Strongest winds will be between midnight and noon, depending on your location.

Storm Surge 1 to 3 feet

The system is predicted to be either a tropical storm or a hurricane as it makes landfall somewhere between Myrtle Beach, SC, and Brunswick County, NC.

I hope everyone stays safe,