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Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf

Viticulture Management Poster!

Please download our Viticulture Management Poster. This phenology-based viticulture management poster provides a reference for sound viticultural, disease, and insect …

Recent Publications related to Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf

SMYEV Volmer

Strawberry Viruses

This publication discusses the signs and symptoms as well as management of a variety of …

1 hour ago
SSB whole plant collapse

Southern Stem Blight of Strawberry

The symptoms and treatment techniques of southern stem blight in strawberries are discussed in this …

1 hour ago
PM on leaf

Powdery Mildew of Strawberry

This factsheet discusses the symptoms and treatment of powdery mildew in strawberries.

1 hour ago
Phytoplasma in the field

Phytoplasma of Strawberry

This publication offers information on phytoplasmas, organisms that multiply in the phloem of strawberry plants …

2 hours ago
Phytophthora crown rot crown

Phytophthora Crown Rot of Strawberry

Diagnostic procedures and treatment of phytopthora crown rot of strawberry are discussed in this factsheet.

2 hours ago
Starch iodine staining pattern used to determine apple maturity.

Maximizing Your SmartFresh℠ Investments

SmartFresh℠ (1-methylcyclopropene, MCP) is a relatively new tool for postharvest management of apples. In 2002, …

Phomopsis leaf blight leaf

Phomopsis Leaf Blight of Strawberry

This factsheet covers Phomopsis leaf blight, a fungus that causes lesions and defoliation in strawberries.

2 hours ago
Leather rot of fruit

Leather Rot of Strawberry

Leather rot, though occurring rarely in North Carolina, can cause substantial losses of fruit yield. …

2 hours ago