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Webinars 2020


July 6: Pierce’s Disease Workshop

Symptoms, Identification and Management of one of the most devastating grape diseases in the Southeast: Pierces’ Disease (PD)!

Workshop with Sara Villani (NCSU), Hannah Burrack (NCSU) and Mark Hoffmann (NCSU). With Q+A.

Presentation Slides:

PD Vector Management and Insecticides

PD Symptoms and Testing

PD Management and New Cultivars

Watch the webinar recording here:

July 29: Muscadine Fresh-Market Disease Workshop

Muscadine fresh-market grapes need to be pristine in their appearance. How do we keep the clean?

Workshop with Phillip Brennan (UGA), Bill Cline (NCSU) and Mark Hoffmann (NCSU). With Grower panel and Q+A.

Presentation Slides:

Phillip Brennan: Muscadine Diseases and Management

Mark Hoffmann: Clean Fruit start early

Watch the webinar recording here:

August 4: North Carolina 2020 Harvest Workshop

Harvest starts late this year, and many are affected by frost and rain. We are going over Yeast and Juice Prep and Nutrients, Crop Estimates and how to prepare our labs during COVID-19.

Workshop with Michael Jones (Scott Labs), Megan Hereford (Scott Labs), David Bower (Surry Community College) and Mark Hoffmann (NCSU). Yeast, Juice Preparation, Nutrients, Crop Estimates and Lab Preparation.

Presentation Slides:

a) Juice preparation and yeast choice: Harvest Workshop Michael Jones

b) Nutrients in juice: NCWGA2020 Nutrient Presentation

c) Crop estimation: Harvest_Webinar_2020_Hoffmann

Watch the webinar recording here:

Aug 20: How to operate a Muscadine PYO during COVID-19

Muscadine Pick-your-own (PYO) operations can be very profitable. But how can we make sure that we operate Muscadine PYO (U-Pick) safely during COVID-19?

Webinar with Chip Simmons (NCSU), Bejamin Chapman (NCSU) and Mark Hoffmann (NCSU). Grower panel and Q+A.

Presentation Slides:


Simmons – muscadine PYO COVID-19 2020 updated 8-18-20

Watch the webinar recording here:

Nov 3: Pruning a Muscadine: Some tips before pruning season

Some virtual tips on how to prune a muscadine vine. Please join one of our in-person pruning workshops in January/February (to be announced)

Presentation Slides:



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