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Regional viticulture and enology specialists willpresent a Grower and Winemaker Town Hall virtual meeting series to giveseasonal updates and answer pre-submitted and live questions from grape andwine industry stakeholders.

Organized by Cain Hickey (Penn State), Beth Chang (Virginia Tech) and Tim Martinson (Cornell). In collaboration with:

Ohio State University, University of Maryland, RutgersUniversity, North Carolina State University, University of Georgia, Universityof Tennessee, Mississippi State University, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, ColoradoState University, New Mexico State University, University of Nebraska, IowaState University, Purdue University, University of Minnesota, Michigan StateUniversity, and University of Wisconsin

The structure of thesemeetings depends on pre-submitted questions. Use this link to pre-submit questions for viticulture andenology specialists to answer live during the meeting. Please feel free to submit questions related to any topic byJuly 6th. But please see below for thetopic area suggestions for the July 13th meeting.


Viticulture focus area: post-fruit set to veraison (crop loadmanagement, canopy management, pest management, nutrient management, mechanizationof vineyard operations)

Enology focus area: primaryfermentation (harvest decisions, fruitchemistry analysis, and fermentation options, e.g. non-Saccharomyces yeast,strain selection, ambient ferments)



There will be a total of four town hall meetingsthroughout the growing season. Meetings willbe held from 3PM to 5PM on the following Tuesdays: July 13th, August10th, and September 7th. The first two meetings will behosted by Cornell University and the second two meetings will be hosted by PennState Extension.


Register using this link andchoose your breakout room (viticulture or enology) for the July 13th meeting.After registering, you will receive a confirmation emailcontaining information about joining the meeting.

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