Muscadine Eastern Extension Team Building and Education: Presentations From the Meeting

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Dear Muscadine Grape Community,

Last week on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, we had our first education and Extension team-building effort at LuMil Vinyeards in Elizabethtown, NC. Thank you to all attendees:

Patrick Conner (UGA), Elina Convea (Auburn), Cain Hickey (UGA), Phillip Brannen (UGA), Hannah Burrack (NC State University), Penelope Perkins (NC State University) and Robin Chilton (USDA). We have covered a broad spectrum of issues on muscadine production and fruit grading.

The outreach presentations can be found at the end of this post.

In the afternoon, a grading outbrake group and an extension team building effort took place.


More than 40 people have attended, most of whom stayed for both, the education part and the team building part. Thank you so much for all you do!

With the help of everyone, we have identified critical areas of improvement based on commodity industry needs (see attached document)

We also could identify a core team of N.C. Cooperative Extension personnel wanting to serve the grape industry in the Eastern part of the state. Team members are:

  • Brad Hardison (Sampson Co.)
  • Bruce McLean (Bladen Co.)
  • Jessica Strickland (Wayne Co.)
  • Tom Hroza (Duplin Co.)
  • Mack Johnson (Robeson Co.)
  • Jason Weathington (Cumberland Co.)
  • Nancy Olsen (Bladen Co.)
  • Sanjun Gu (N.C. A&T Greensboro)
  • Mark Hoffmann (NC State University, lead)

The team will meet again between Thanksgiving and New Years to discuss the priority and realization of established extension goals. Interested growers and stakeholders are invited to join. Date and time of the meeting will be made public on this forum.

Please find attached the presentations and the list of extension goals (as established at the meeting) in pdf format.


2018 Muscadine Diseases_Brennan

Common Problems in Grape Production in Alabama, NC, August 14, 2018

Conner – Fresh Market Muscadines NC Meeting

Insect_Burrack_Muscadine 2018


Muscadines for fresh market or processing perkins 2018

Industry Needs (as established in Aug 2018):


I want to thank everyone again for attending and the incredible help and input! 

Special thanks to Bruce McLean from Bladen County and Denise Bridgers, Ron Taylor and the whole Lu Mil Vineyards Team for helping and doing an incredible job!!! Thank you very much.


As always,

I hope that helps